Try this one on for size

In my last post It’s official Lorraine posted a comment and said, “Post something about school — I love to hear about other seminaries. Although I’m Presbyterian I’m at a Methodist seminary, which makes for some interesting conversations sometimes. lol…”

Well, in light of that, I must say that I TOTALLY understand where you are coming from.  I am Presbyterian going to a Pentacostal seminary.  Yup.  That’s right Pentacostal with a capital ‘P.’  The president is overtly Pentacostal and the associated organizations are as well.  That said, I should disclaimer that with the fact that the faculty is very varied in beliefs (i.e., they are not all Pentacostals) and so are the students.  In fact one of my Pastor’s Professors from seminary is a professor there now.  So far in my classes I have not come across anything overtly Pentacostal and as I am also an employee at the same university, I go to chapel every week and it also is not overtly Pentacostal.  It actually seems more non-denominational to me.  Anyway, I will undoubtedly have much ground to make up in order to learn what I need to learn for ordination but I’ve got time and God knows what He is doing.  Plus I know for sure there are things I can learn from our Pentacostal brothers and sisters.

For all those interested, there is actually 1 of the 10 Presbyterian Seminaries that offers Distance Education.  You have to go to a two week intensive before hand, but the rest of the semester is online.  They offer Polity and Program of the PC(USA), HT 615 History and Confessions of the PC(USA), and MN 709 Worship in the Reformed Tradition to name a few.  The seminary is Debuque Theological Seminary. I am really hoping to be able to go full time at seminary after another year or two and either take some of these DE classes or maybe even go to a Presbyterian seminary for a year or two to finish up.  I’m not sure what God has in store. 

In my pastor’s easter sermon one of the points he made was how the women who went to annoint Jesus’ body asked the question, “I wonder who will move the stone for us…”  What they didn’t know is that God had already moved the stone for them.  I think this is going to be kinda like that.  God has a stone to move in my life, if you will, and it will be pretty cool I think to see how He does it.


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