Frozen in Grand Central Station – Video

Frozen in Grand Central Station – Video

This is pretty wild.



3 Responses to “Frozen in Grand Central Station – Video”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    lol… that was pretty wild. Only in New York. heehee….

    A comment about something you said in a previous post — about “what took you so long” — When I decided that I had to go to seminary I went to tell my current pastor. This was a guy who I had known waaaaaaaay back when he was the seminarian at my church when I was a teenager. We had lost touch over the years and then met up again when I moved to my current town and discovered him here as pastor of a local church. Anyway — I made an appointment to see him, and the whole time I was driving up there I was thinking “he’s going to fall off his chair” and “he’s going to flip”…etc. Well, got there, sat down — told him about seminary. And he looked at me and said — yep — “well, it’s about time. What took you so long?” — rofl… anyway… like you said, it’s good to be affirmed like that.

  2. aprati Says:

    pretty surprising!

  3. Neal Locke Says:

    TAG! You’re it…

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