Armor up!

I took the day off yesterday.  It was nice.  I got a TON of sleep and I had a very relaxing morning.  After grabbing a cup of joe (okay it was really a cafe mocha) at Starbucks, I settled in one of their great chairs and spent some time with God.  It was nice.  I needed a change of scenery.  There is this daily devotional I have been going through that I really like a lot.  And this is quite a significant statement because I typically don’t like daily devotionals.  They are usually so…dare I say, shallow?  But this one seems to be a bit different.  It’s called The One Year Daily Grind and it’s written by Sarah Arthur.  She has a website at though I honestly haven’t checked it out. 

Anyway, what she wrote for yesterday was amazing.  It almost had me in tears while sitting in the Starbucks (talk about awkward).  She writes about Galatians 6. 10-17 which is the overly familiar passage about putting on the armor as a Christian.  But she writes this:

“…this time around I’m stuck by the phrase “God’s armor”–as if this is no ordinary suit but God;s own outfit, given to me to wear.  “Here,” Jesus says.  “Since you have no protection of your own, try on my helmet and see if it fits.  And take my chain mail.”  I can just picture him unhooking his belt and slinging it around my waist–“How does that fit?”  He hefts his shield and hands it to me–“Try that.”  Then the sword, ringing as he unsheathes it.  He doesn’t stop until he’s standing there in a plain robe, barefoot, while I’m glittering from head to toe in his own armor.  “There,” he says, smiling, nodding his approval.  “Now you’re ready.”

And I was floored.  I have often wrestled with the practical application of this passage.  Many folks will say things like, “when it says “take…the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God” it means we need to study the Bible every day and memorize verses!”  And you know what?  To a certain extent those folks are right but answers of that type have always left me wanting.  Is that really all it means?

I think the reason Sarah’s explanation of this passage was so awesome to me is that it became so much less something I have to try to figure out how to do and so much more something I have to learn how to cooperate with what God has already done and what God is doing. 

So I must ask myself: In what ways have I prevented God from arming me for the battles he is preparing me for?


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4 Responses to “Armor up!”

  1. cornuts Says:

    You raise an excellent question.

    You hear that so many times … people telling you, “if you don’t want bad things to happen to you, stop accepting bad things.”

    But is that something you yourself can do … or is because of something else? Why am I afraid to let God take control of everything? Don’t I want him to take control and lead the way … to arm me for what’s ahead?

    I love reading your thoughts and questions.

  2. pinkhammer Says:

    Yeah…I think control is a big part if it. Nevermind it’s an illusion, we want to hold onto it with white nuckles!

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